Strict mode

Strict mode is a special mode that user can activate in JS which makes it easier for us to write a secure JS code.
All user needs to activate this strict mode is to write this at the beginning of the script.
‘use strict’;
Without strict mode, JS will fail silently without letting user know that there is a mistake.

Function declarations vs Expressions

Just like a variable starts with ‘var/let /const’, function declaration also should begin with ‘function’ and it is used as function name to invoke the function.

function age1(year) {return 2020-year;}

Function expression is stored in a variable.


I wanted to take a full stack web course in Udacity and in order to start, I should be able to write codes with object oriented language. Since I’ve only studied C language, I decided to take JS course in Udemy beforehand.

3 ways of variable declaration — var, let, const

1. Var
Var can be re-declared later and it is also mutable. However, It is not good practice to use this and leave a potential to create a bug later. Var is old way of declaring variable so that it is not used as often.

2. Let Let is used to declare any types of variables such as…


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